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Momcozy Pump: Loss of Suction

These steps can be followed to troubleshoot similar style pumps. Often times, making sure that your pumps parts are fully dry and properly assembled is the fix.


Let's troubleshoot Momcozy's Loss of Suction
  1. Ensure motor and collection cup are properly secure, and there aren’t any cracks.
  2. Ensure that the clear silicone valve is properly secured, dry, and not damaged. If the valve doesn’t snap in place securely, it’s possible that you’ll need replacement pieces.
  3. Check regularly that the duckbills are sealed (not open). Replace duckbills if they are warped, opened, or appear damaged.
  4. Ensure silicone shield is dry, no water is trapped in the ring, and properly secured with the two pour holes aligned,
TIP: Check chargers to confirm they’re working properly and pumps are being charged all the way.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot suction power. If problems still persist, replacement might be recommended, contact the manufacture.