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Momcozy S9 Pump Review

The Momcozy s9 made waves when it was released because it allowed so many mamas the freedom of a wearable pump, without the huge price tag of the big names. I was intrigued by the pump as a back up to my Elvie so this became my second wearable pump. Note: Momcozy recently released a more discreet model (M1), check it out here.

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What Our Mamas Think About the Momcozy s9 (or similar pump)

Overall Group Rating: ★★★★☆

  • Cups hold 6 oz of milk
  • Empties the breast well
  • Silicone shields can be comfortable

  • Loud and bulky
  • Not very discrete
  • Suction can be painful

The Momcozy "Learning Curve"

The Momcozy s9 didn't come with much of a learning curve. It's a pretty low-tech pump that offers the freedom to move around (aka gets the job done). This was my first time using a silicone shield pump. Silicone shields tend to hold the tissue back and the shape of the Momcozy flange, wasn't as "rounded" as the Elvie flange. The flange came in a "traditional" 24mm size so I used my Maymom inserts to size the flanges down to my size, and make it more comfortable to pump. Once correct sizing was established, they were pretty easy to use.

Things to Consider about the Momcozy s9Some moms say that the suction can be too strong
The silicone can be comfortable but can also cause quite a bit of friction, sizing and inserts (if needed) are key!

Silicone shields with the tab on the bottom, are known for getting caught in bras and leaking
Like any other wearable pump, you need a supportive bra. I found thick band bras to work best with the Momcozy s9 because it held the motors in place. Thin bra straps can get caught between the motor and cup.

Sizing and Insert Recommendations

Sizing is always important, but especially with wearable pumps and remember, the best size flange is one that's comfortable while pumping and empties you well. If you need help sizing for your Momcozy flanges, book here.

Momcozy flange sizing: 0-2mm bigger than pre-pump nipple size

The Momcozy s9 has a long flange tunnel. I used my Maymom inserts but you can use other style inserts. I also tried my LacTeck flanges and it worked great! I also prefer the shape of the LacTeck flanges over the Momcozy silicone shield.

Note: while the LacTeck flanges fit the 24mm shields, they're a better fit in the 28mm shields.

Do I recommend the Momcozy s9 Pump?

I always recommend it as a cost-effective, or back up option! This pump is a "gets the job done" pump but I will always prefer the convenience of Elvie, Willow 3.0, or Willow Go over these pumps.