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Meet the Team

In 2020, we launched The Milky Hub facebook group as a way to connect and support breastfeeding mothers everywhere. Our shared passion for breastfeeding spread like wildfire and our facebook group grew to over 20k members in a little over a year. As our support group grew, so did the need for additional support and resources so we expanded the admin team.Meet the Team

Xio Ortiz, Founder, BS, CLC in training

Xio’s love for breastfeeding started in 2020 when she was pregnant with her second baby. At the time she was working in Biotech and made the decision, to put her career behind and stay home full-time. During that time she launched The Milky Hub’s fb group as a way to provide breastfeeding support during the pandemic and it grew fast! She attained her BS in 2011 and is currently pursing her CLC to offer lactation support.

Carisa Myers, Mentor, NICU RN, IBCLC

Carisa has been a nurse since 2015. She worked on a Medical-Surgical Adult Unit for a year and a half before starting her dream role as a NICU nurse. She’s been working in the NICU/PICU/Nursery since 2018 while she obtained her Masters of Science in Nursing Education. She became an IBCLC in 2021 and is currently working on opening her own private practice, The Milk Effect.

Jessica Ward, CLC

Jessica is a mama of two that is passionate about breastfeeding and helping others! Being an exclusive pumper -- for 19 months -- Jessica knows all the exclusive pumping tips and tricks! She joined our group as a moderator (and is also a moderator in another breastfeeding group) to support and offer her bf experiences.

Kathryn Radglasok, Peer Educator

Katy is one of our fb group admins and has an immense knowledge of breastfeeding and breast pumps, and loves sharing her experience! She currently donates milk to a couple local moms and has a breastfeeding goal of 3 years (but plans to breastfeed as long as she can). When Katy isn’t moderating our group, you can find her at home with her three babies and her husband.