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Youha Gen II Pump Review

The Youha Gen II was the fourth wearable pump I used. At this point, I started alternating pumps (since I had so many) and shortened the amount of time I spent washing pump parts. I used this pump the least of all my wearable pumps -- even over my bulky Momcozy S9!

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What Our Mamas Think About the Youha Gen II

Overall Group Rating: ★★★☆☆

  • Portable
  • Minimal parts to clean
  • Charges fast
  • Flange covers to keep pumps clean in travel, bags for travel
  • Has a “quiet mode”
  • Strong suction

  • Used daily 3-5 times, both motors began to die within 3.5 months
  • Hard to find replacement parts besides buying in bulk or expensive retailer
  • No CS for troubleshooting
  • Motor life can be hit or miss

The Youha Gen II "Learning Curve"

Before you get started with this pump, stop and MEASURE yourself!! When women say this pump has strong suction, they aren't kidding. My nipples were bruised after just one use. It could have been the combination of the silicone flange and the strong suction. Boy, that was quite the painful learning experience! Other than that, the pump didn't have much of a learning curve. By this time my supply was pretty well established and I had a pretty good understanding of how to "troubleshoot" my wearable pumps.

Things to Consider about the Youha Gen II

Strong suction doesn't mean greater output. This pump is small but mighty (maybe too mighty). The silicone can be comfortable but can also cause quite a bit of friction. If you lube the flanges, don't use so much that your nipple gets sucked right through the tunnel (ouch!).
You need a snug, but not tight bra, I used my KB Sublime bra with this pump and it worked well.
Sizing and Insert Recommendations

Sizing is always important, but especially with wearable pumps and remember, the best size flange is one that's comfortable while pumping and empties you well. If you need help sizing for your Youha Gen II flanges, book here.

Youha Gen II flange sizing: 0-2mm bigger than pre-pump nipple size

I used all the same inserts as I did with my other pumps but the flange tunnel on this pump is not as long as others. If the Maymom inserts are pushed in too much, it can push in the silicone barrier and impact suction. You can still use the Maymom inserts, just don't jam them in.
Do I Recommend the Youha Gen II?

This might be the only pump, I don't rave about. Simply put, the suction was just too strong for me, and the lack of available parts made me nervous to use it. This pump became the "back-up-to-my-back-up". But if you prefer a slimmer profile, these can be a good choice over other silicone flange pumps like Momcozy s9.