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Gift Guide For Mom

If you're here you're probably looking for some baby product recommendations, or registry item ideas. These are the items I couldn't live without when my kids were teeny tiny.

Don't forget to register at all the major retailers (Target, Amazon, Buy Buy Baby, and Walmart) to get 15% off your registry items!

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Register for Convenience Items

If you know me, you know i'm a minimalist. I'll splurge on convenience items but I don't believe that old saying "babies have a lot of stuff". Diapers? Sure. Stuff? My kids certainly didn't. I registered for items that helped me manage my day-to-day. We were pretty much on our own, living in our cute 1800sf house in the Boston suburbs, with small rooms, so we had to keep things simple. The more you have, the more you have to keep track of.

Items for Mama + Baby

Make sure to register or buy items for your comfort. Mama needs to be taken care of too!

  1. The first breastfeeding item I invested in was a wearable pump. The Elvie pump was my primary wearable pump, I already owned a Spectra S2 and relied on that pump as my work horse pump. I later bought the Willow 3.0 and Youha Gen II, you can read my reviews on our blog.
  2. I got the Momcozy s9 as a back up wearable pump in case my Elvie pump was out of commission. And yes, it's good to have a back up!
  3. Breast pump bag. Any bag works but I recommend the Momigo bag often! What I like about the Momigo bag is that it's waterproof, it's large, has a charging station, and has an insulated bottom to keep your breastmilk cool. If you like using your purse (like me) invest in a Ceres Chill! They gifted me a cooler and I use it almost daily!! Check the coolers out here!
  4. Inserts! Measure yourself and get inserts (or cushions) if needed! If you're planning on using a wearable pump, you need more precise fitting flanges. Protect your nipples! My favorite combo was Elvie + BeauGen cushions but they're not a fit for everyone. BeauGen only fits sizes 19-25mm. If you need a size outside that range, consider Maymom inserts.
  5. Boppy! I used a Boppy and loved my Boppy. I recommend having a nursing pillow if you plan on nursing! It made breastfeeding so much easier for me.
  6. Lavie massagers! Heat and vibrating massagers made pumping more efficient for me! It does not increase supply but I was able to shorten my pumping time. I loved them and used them often!
  7. Dock-a-tot! I want to start by saying that I never let my daughter sleep in her sleeper overnight. I used the sleeper to lay her down during the day. We didn't have the space in our living room for a crib or bassinet (hello Boston living!), so this worked out really well.
  8. Rolling cart! I bought this one at Target and still use it. It can hold all your pump parts, diapers, clothes, anything you want -- and it's mobile!
  9. Baby's Brew bottle warmer. If your LO is like my daughter (will only drink warm milk), this will be key for warming up those bottles on the go.
  10. 4 Moms bouncer. I think the 4 Moms bounce but you don't need a fancy bouncer. My kids hated bouncers that shaked, rattled, and rolled. I also owned a BABYBJORN bouncer but my daughter seem to like the 4Moms bouncer more. I'm not sold on these big fancy bouncers.
  11. Swaddles. My daughter liked being swaddled and slept really well with them in her early weeks. A friend gifted us these really nice Halo swaddles that grew with my LOs.