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Emergency Breast Pump Kit

How to Put Together an Emergency Breast Pump Kit

Having an emergency breast pump kit will save you in a pinch! There will come a time in your breastfeeding journey where you’ll forget a pump part or your charger. It happens more than you think and of course when you least expect it!

Luckily, you can put one together fairly quickly and keep it in your car so it's always accessible. These are the items I recommend putting in your kit:
  1. Manual pump: I had the Medela manual pump with my first and didn't like it. This manual pump has a silicone flange with collapsible tabs that make pumping much more comfortable.
  2. Milk storage bags: Any work, but in the video I showed the Up & Up brand. These were my go-to because of the price point.
  3. Breast pads: It's never a bad idea to have disposable breast pads in your kit or even in your purse while you're breastfeeding. You never know when leaking will occur!
  4. Wet/dry bag or a plastic bag to house the wet parts. I just used the plastic bag the pump came in but you can but some affordable wet/dry bags on Amazon.
  5. Madewell tote bag: This tote is my everyday purse and for safe breastmilk transport. I LOVE it!!

Depending on the products you use, you may want to put other items in there. This of this kit as insurance. Do you have an emergency breast pump kit? If so, what do you have in yours?
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